Acupuncture & Tuina in Bristol
Southville, Bedminster and Knowle

Jon Lee offers acupuncture and tuina (Chinese massage and physical therapy) at 2 Bristol clinics – Knowle and Southville or Bedminster. He practises 5-element and Traditional Chinese Medicine styles of acupuncture and tuina and blends these with western medical and scientific knowledge.

Also important to his approach is experience in shiatsu and thai massage, and a long-established practice in the self-healing and health-promoting exercises of qi-gong. Simple, powerful exercises are often offered as part of treatment.

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a whole-person therapy that uses a variety of techniques to physically treat the body and help it to heal itself. Precise points on the body are stimulated using fine needles, warmth or other methods to send signals to the body and mind as a whole to encourage and promote beneficial changes.

About Tuina

Tuina provides the direct bodywork branch of Chinese medicine and is used either alone or to enhance the effects of acupuncture. It is generally dynamic and can be gentle or vigorous and deep, depending on the needs of the person being treated. Continuous and flowing, stretching and toning is achieved through the stimulating of wave-like patterns of movement within the body.

Precise adjustments and deep healing are achieved through manipulation techniques that use the same points as acupuncture as well as knowledge of the musculo-skeletal structure.


During acupuncture treatment you may feel some unusual, but often pleasant sensations in your body, and you may find yourself relaxing or becoming more energised, or feeling ‘better in yourself’. Symptoms can sometimes be relieved during a single session, but usually a course of treatment will be required.

Tuina can be experienced as relaxing or invigorating, with many moving and stimulating techniques employed to release holding and move blood and energy to where it is needed to allow healing.

The Science and Philosophy – How Does it Work?

In simple terms, we all know that pressing rubbing or moving our bodies in a reflexive way can make us feel more relaxed, remove a pain or relieve a headache, acupuncture is a more accurate and far-reaching extension of this. There are a range of scientific models for how acupuncture can effect health, in addition to the well-established principles grounded in centuries of effective practice in the orient. …read more.

Acupuncture & Tuina Clinics – Appointments in Bristol

Jon Lee works from in Knowle on the Wells Rd at Wells Road Osteopathic Practice and also in his Southville and Bedminster Practice.

Making an acupuncture appointment in Bristol.