This is my congee at the moment. It’s probably still a little on the sweet side for optimum health, but that makes it quite acceptable to my naughty western palate!



4-6 heaped Tablespoons of thai fragrant rice (or other white rice  – not basmati – won’t go so porridgy)

2 teaspoons of brown rice

2 teaspoons of black sticky rice

5 red (jujube) dates (stoneless from the chinese supermarket)

3 ordinary small dates

large stick of cinnamon bark

2cm of fresh ginger cheese-grated

3 points of a star anise.

Pinch of cardamom powder

1 apple chopped up

1 plum chopped up (or half a peach or whatever you fancy)

a little ground black pepper

8-10 cashew nuts or bits

800 ml of water.

Put the whole lot in a pan, put the lid on and leave overnight.

In the morning bring to boil and then down to lowest heat. Leave covered.

Go and do your Qi Gong practice for 1hr.

Give congee a good stir. Dish out and enjoy (may take around 10 mins to cool to eating temperature).