Tuina can be used to support a yoga practice by helping to:

  • Heal injuries to the body
  • Speed up recovery times
  • Encourage the development of greater and freer range of movement.
  • Introduce the yoga practitioner to qi gong energy and body awareness to complement existing yoga skills.

Tuina is Chinese physical therapy encompassing a variety of techniques, on an underlying basis of Chinese medicine theory and philosophy. The two words tui and na literally mean push and grasp, respectively, but tuina itself comprises a wide range of techniques from, shaking, rubbing, kneading, rolling, vibrating and deep, moving thumb pressure to push and pull manipulations, thrusts and stretches. (In China tuina is used in situations where a sports massage therapist, osteopath, chiropractor or physiotherapist might be used in the west.)

The dynamic and moving aspects of Tuina are a magnificent complement to the more posture-based approach of asana or hatha yoga practices, be they from an ashtanga yoga, dynamic yoga, or Iyengar yoga viewpoint.


Tuina – Great for Helping with Yoga Pains and Restrictions in Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders, Lower Backs, Hamstrings, Knees and Ankles

The classic sun-salutation is an important main stay in many yoga practices, but as the practitioner moves to greater strength, energy and openness, aches, pains and injuries can occur in wrists, shoulders, elbows and backs. Tuina can make a real improvement to these, bring attention to the nature of holding patterns, as well as being an enjoyable, informative experience.


Forward bends are seemingly simple, but in reality require a complex building of awareness, openness and strength for the body to allow them. Tuina will help correct injured lower backs, open hamstrings and release pelvic muscles to allow this to happen in your practice.


Folded Seated postures such as Padhmasana or Lotus can hurt the knees, though this should not occur if you are practicing well under an experienced teacher such as those at Yogasara. Tuina with acupuncture will help heal these, and relieve pain. Tuina will also open the hips aiding these postures.

Recommended Yoga Studios & Teachers

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Gary-Osborn Clarke – A fantastic teacher and sincere practitioner