The power of Chinese Medicine, particularly the wonders of acupuncture, are now well-known in the UK. Equally important in China, but little known here, is Tuina or Chinese Massage. At least 2500 years old, it is based in the traditional understanding of the human being that underpins Taiji, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Acupuncture and many other sports and health practices.

Sometimes called Acupuncture Without Needles, it uses the same points , and can be used along side my acupuncture treatments, or on its own – depending on the situation. It is an important part of health care in China today and was fundamental in the regime of the Chinese athletes that did so well in the Beijing Olympics!

Tuina, as a bodywork form, feels quite different from other massage and uses a wide range of techniques and moves that can make it feel sometimes a little like Thai or western massage, or even osteopathy. It is performed with the client in fairly loose clothing.

Tuina is generally dynamic and can be gentle or vigorous and deep, depending on the needs of the person being treated. Continuous and flowing, stretching and toning is achieved through the stimulating of wave-like patterns of movement within the body – very difficult to describe, but wonderful to experience! Relaxing and very energising, tuina can be for pure enjoyment or to treat very specific conditions.

Tuina uses a variety of techniques and moves that make it feel like a combination of western massage, Thai massage, osteopathy or physiotherapy. Tuina is at least 2,500 years old, and billions of tuina treatments taking place every year in China, and tuina plays a fundamental part in the regime of the Chinese athletes that did so well in the Beijing Olympics.